Waiting for Strength

By Roy Stetler
February 4, 2024

(Isaiah 40) Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength. . .with wings like eagles.

After teaching and healing in the synagogue, Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law from a fever.  Word spreads and people bring their sick and demon possessed to Jesus, for healing.

The next morning, well before sunrise, Jesus goes out by himself to practice Isaiah 40.  He waits for God.  In moments of stillness and quiet, he is restored.  All is in the hands of God.  His life, his ministry, his death—his strength and the hope of the poor—is in God.  That is is enough.

As the sun rises, the crowds return; and the disciples desperately search for Jesus.  They are shocked that Jesus decides to move along, to take the message of the Good News to the next town, to leave Capernaum where he was so “successful.”   Jesus’ vision is sharp and fresh.

The practice of prayer can ground our lives as it grounded Jesus’ life.  Waiting slows us down and nurtures a deep trust in God’s Spirit.  The practice of prayer teaches us to let go, to listen.  By setting aside our busy minds and plans, we invite God’s peace to settle in and around us.  Strength returns in the practice of prayer.  May yours be filled with mercy and healing.