Vine Prayer

By Roy Stetler
May 1, 2024

John’s Gospel teaches that Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches; that those who abide in him, bear much fruit.  A trunk holds branches to the light and provides nutrients and water.

Likewise, abiding in Jesus involves giving and receiving the love of Christ.  But how can we increase our abiding?

There are a number of spiritual disciplines for abiding in Christ.  Prayer is one.

A wonderful practice in prayer is to turn to God throughout the day.  Even briefly turning our attention back to Jesus’ love can train our minds to rest in trust rather than compulsively save ourselves by thinking the right thoughts.

One can grow the practice by setting aside a short period of time—two to five minutes.  Close your eyes, offer yourself to God, and then give each thought which arises back to God.  Whatever your mind brings you, give it to God, and return to your silence.  There will be many thoughts.  Be patient with the parade of busy (important!) thoughts.  Give each one to God and return to the silence.  This is not a contest to stop thinking thoughts.  This is a disciplined practice of abiding in Christ.  Try it now, if you can spare a few minutes.

In silent prayer, we slowly train our minds and bodies to abide in the vine of Christ’s love.  Blessings on your journey.