Take up the cross life

By Roy Stetler
February 25, 2024

Jesus’ words in Mark 8:31-38 (deny yourself, take up your cross, follow me) remind us that we gain by letting go in love, rather than by grasping in anxious fear.  His language is stark.  There are no shortcuts.  If we seek the benefits of discipline and healthy relationships but are unwilling to commit ourselves to the disciplined work of faithfulness, then we will fail.  We will be disappointed.

We all have a strong instinct to save our own lives, sometimes at the expense of others.   Perhaps that is a good definition of sin.  Seeking peace and love without truly consecrating ourselves to peace and love.   Grace is a wonderful gift, yet a challenging journey.

The cross demonstrates wisdom’s self-giving love.  Those who so give their lives away with Christ are united with Christ in the mercy of the cross.  The cross will never disappoint.  May we daily find courage to take up the cross life.  Give of ourselves in love, in response to Jesus’ giving on the cross.  We can make this journey. . . into joy.