Spirit unrivaled and free

By Roy Stetler
May 19, 2024

Each year the church focuses on the Holy Spirit’s role in creation (and the church).  Key scriptural themes for the Spirit are wind and breath.  Powerful yet intimate.  Close by, ever-present, and free.   When we forget the Spirit’s freedom, we set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration.  Then we also find ourselves working against the God we claim to serve.

For example, when we expect the Spirit to work in others’ lives as she works in ours, we become a hindrance to the Spirit instead of an agent of the Spirit.

In John 15 and 16 Jesus speaks of the Spirit as Advocate for truth.  Though we are tempted to seek the Spirit’s power for our own, righteous or otherwise, plans and wishes, such efforts are wasted, since the Spirit is unrivaled and free.   May we rather focus our prayers and efforts in discerning the Spirit’s work of love in our families and communities.   God give us courage, patience, and wisdom.  Amen.