Good Company

By Roy Stetler
March 28, 2024

In one last moment of fellowship and teaching, the message of Maundy Thursday is clear.  Jesus invites his closest followers to follow his example of humble service in love.  He washes their feet.  They are to do likewise.  Serving generously will set his followers free.  When they are sorely tested by Jesus’ death and absence, their faith will be strengthened as they generously serve one another.  His followers must work together, selflessly choosing love rather than fear.

There will always be frustrating moments for us in our journey as servants–with family, friends, our siblings in Christ in the community of faith, even within ourselves.   If we keep returning with a spirit of generosity, our relationships will remain fresh and real.  To practice serving generously is to drink from a lasting spring of joy and mercy—a spring to which others will be drawn.

Maundy Thursday’s message is simple.  Serve generously as we have been served.   May we do so out of love as Jesus taught and practiced.

As with the disciples, we will need to serve in love to find our way through the days ahead.  There will be struggles and grief, but we are in good company.

Thanks be to God.