The heavens torn open

Imagine the heavens being torn open when Jesus is baptized. Then, imagine the heavens torn open in your baptism.
Newness. Barriers to God removed. God present, here, now, forever. Space made for you. A spiritual home—where you belong—wherever you are.
Wherever Jesus was—in his birth, his baptism, in the wilderness—hungry, tempted, with people or without–he was at home. He didn’t need to make something happen or make things better. There was sufficient—with, or without. In life, and in death. Imagine the freedom of living faithfully without any need to make sure everything turns out ok.
Jesus is consecrated in baptism, in his wilderness suffering, in his prayer and struggle against adversaries within and without, wild animals, is comforted by angels. His life and presence are a gift. Yes, often a challenge, but always salvation.
This Lenten season can be a time for us to deepen our awareness of the reservoir of God’s merciful presence. We are never alone. Never needing to desperately bend things in our direction, but freshly able to trust in hope, and rest in the space which God makes for us.
God’s presence is free and limited only by our awareness. The Good News of Jesus Christ is revealed in our baptism, in our wilderness experiences, in our encounters with God’s other beloved children, and in our death.
I challenge you this Lent to seek that rest, in God’s presence, in prayer. Peace.