God with us

By Roy Stetler
December 25, 2023

Angels proclaimed to shepherds that the birth of Jesus is a sign from God.  It’s good to be human, to have a body.  Emotions are a gift!   Really, they are.

God loves all that God creates.  God with us.

With this new mother and father, with the rough-around-the-edges shepherds, with the townies who have a little space to share, with the others who hear the sound of a newborn cry outside, with the magi yet far away and a disturbed king who struggles, close by.  God with us.

We are wrapped in cloaks of love, peace, mercy, hope, and joy.  God with us–for meaning and purpose.

Like the shepherds, we can share ‘love come near.’  Like the wise ones, we can share our gifts.  Like the young family, we can provide safety and shelter for those who are vulnerable.  God with us.

Practicing God with us grounds our doing in our being.  God with us.  Amen.