Dignity Restored

By Roy Stetler
January 28, 2024

When a man in the synagogue (Mark 1) loses control of his body and voice, Jesus acts decisively to restore his dignity.  He confronts the oppressor and firmly pushes back.  “No.  Be silent and come out of him!”

By his compassionate action and teaching, Jesus invites the man and the village to a new practice of respect and freedom.  They respond, “What is this?  A new teaching—with authority!”

Like Jesus’ teaching, faith is relevant when it restores freedom and dignity.  The essence of faith is God’s grace, but the respectful practice of compassion toward strangers, neighbors, family, and friends is challenging work.

As we extend the dignity of grace, we practice the freedom of Jesus.  By faith Christ’s love flows in us, as with the man in the synagogue, setting us free to experience and share Jesus’ gift.  May you be renewed in your experience and sharing.

Thanks be to God.