A simple meal

By Roy Stetler
April 14, 2024

Some weeks, the effort to edit my sermon ends with almost everything being deleted from what I preached on Sunday morning.  Perhaps the sermon seemed particularly effective, or ended up being traumatic for the preacher.  This week, I all but gave up; but with one last try, this is what I received:  In Luke 24, the risen Christ twice offers the comfort of his presence with a simple meal.

The familiarity of Jesus eating indeed comforts his anxious followers.  Even though we do not eat fish during communion (thankfully?), the simplicity of this meal combined with the preceding Emmaus encounter suggests that Communion is more than a reminder of our sinfulness and need for forgiveness. Communion is the comfort of forgiveness and a celebration of Christ’s presence.  The back-to-back narratives in Luke 24 which hint at communion suggest that any meal can stir up mindfulness of Christ’s presence with faithful family, friends, and even strangers.

May your experience of our risen Lord’s presence sustain you with comfort and joy this Easter season.